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Modified KAK Full Auto LR-308 AR-10 BCG (.308/7.62) Black Nitride


Our modified KAK Full Auto LR-308 AR-10 BCG features a Dual Ejector Bolt for more reliable function. Crafted from 8620 carpenter steel, the bolt carrier is nitride finished, inside and out, for superior corrosion resistance. Designed to function with .308 Winchester, 7.62 NATO, or similar cartridges.


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With a reputation for precision manufacturing, KAK Industry offers quality, American made components at affordable prices, these Full Auto Bolt Carrier Groups (BCG’s) include an added weight in the tail of the Bolt Carrier that’s pinned to slow cyclic rate as well as felt recoil. We also perform additional CNC milling to belly of BCG which ensures engagement of AR-10 Auto Sears for registered full auto Lower Receivers.


  • 7.62 NATO/.308 Winchester
  • Double ejectors
  • Magnetic particle tested
  • Nitride finish inside and outside
  • Forward assist serrations
  • Correct auto sear trip location
  • 9310 steel bolt
  • 8620 carpenter steel carrier
  • Includes O-ring extractor helper to run under all conditions
  • Compatible with DPMS forward assist or rear Aero style forward assist
  • Weight: 18 oz

BCG Includes:

  • Bolt carrier
  • Complete bolt
  • Firing pin
  • Cam pin
  • Retaining pin

Made in the USA.