FFL Transfers

Need An FFL Transfer?

Do you live in the Dayton, Ohio area and want to purchase a firearm online? Great news because you’ve come to the right place. At Aegis Cerakote & Gunworks located just outside of Dayton, Ohio, we make FFL transferring your new or used firearm as simple as possible. Read below to find out how to start the process and what to expect. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.

Federal Firearms License Transfers (FFL Transfers) are required when a person wishes to purchase a firearm outside of the state they reside in or from a geographically inconvenient FFL holder. An FFL is a Federal Firearms License typically held by gun stores, sporting goods stores, and pawnshops. They are licensed to arrange your firearm transfer for you.

At Aegis Cerakote & Gunworks, we’ve taken the stress out of the purchasing process by enabling you to quickly and accurately submit your FFL Transfer request online.

We will require a valid form of government issued I.D. upon all firearm transfer pick-ups. Only the person whose name is on the transferred item’s paperwork can legally pick up the firearm. Cost for FFL Transfers is $20.00 per item and $100.00 per NFA item plus tax.

How Do Ohio FFL Transfers Work?

  1. Fill out the Firearm Transfer Submission form.
  2. We will exchange FFL information with the original firearm dealer and the dealer will ship to our Aegis Cerakote & Gunworks shop.
  3. We will contact you once the firearm has been checked in by our receiving department. It is not necessary to contact us once your receive notification that your purchase has been delivered. *We receive dozens of deliveries on a daily basis and we require time to enter your firearm into log book. Rest assured, your transfer will be completed ASAP.
  4. Once we have scheduled a pickup time, you will need to complete an ATF Form 4473 for the necessary background check. *You must be the original purchaser*.
  5. Pay $20.00 ($100 NFA Items) for the transfer PER FIREARM and start filling out the appropriate paperwork (4473).
  6. Your background check will immediately begin utilizing the NICS background check system.
  7. Pass the background check and happily start enjoying your new firearm and all the liberties and responsibilities that come with this new purchase!

FFL Transfer FAQ's

Questions? We’ve got answers.

Buying a firearm online is a lot like buying any other item online, but with one major difference. All firearms must ship to a Federal Firearms License dealer, or a FFL dealer for short. As an FFL dealer, we can ultimately receive your purchased firearm on your behalf and transfer it to you for a fee.

  1. Purchase your firearm from any licensed dealer or retailer online
  2. Complete your FFL Transfer Request Form by visiting our FFL Transfer Submission Form
  3. We will notify you when your firearm has arrived at our location. You can then visit our store to complete the required ATF 4473 paperwork.

**Please do not show up at our Ohio location. ALL Transfers are done by appointment only.**

We charge $20 per firearm and $100 per National Firearm Act firearm.

The transfer fee is due when you begin your transfer paperwork.

 Yes, we will transfer both new and pre-owned firearms. The price is $20 regardless of condition.

No. We will provide you the friendly courtesy of informing you if there was any damage to the exterior of your package, or if your firearm has obvious damage. We do offer a cleaning and safety inspection service for an additional fee.