Laser Engraving & Stippling

What is laser stippling?

Laser stippling is a great way to add practical and functional features to any handgun or rifle including better grip and comfort since all hands are not alike. Aegis Cerakote & Gunworks is able to refine multiple areas on your firearm to incorporate the addition of undercuts, memory cuts, glove bevels, flat thumb index points, finger groove removal, grip hump reductions and much more. 

The single undercut is a relief cut, where the trigger guard connects to the grip, for your middle finger to rest in, allowing a higher grip for mitigated recoil reduction. The memory cut is the forward, secondary undercut on the bottom of the trigger guard on which the support hand rests. The memory cut can be left with a smooth polish or stippled finish.

Our alterations can be as simple as adding an undercut to the trigger area of your Glock to remove “Glock finger” after long shooting sessions or as in-depth as a full frame modification designed for the individual shooter and molded to fit your hand exclusively. 

Like everything else when modifying firearms, it all comes down to preparation. Items for laser stippling are prepared using a process of sanding, smoothing and polishing surface areas to get the cleanest laser finish. Whatever laser upgrade option you choose, you can be confident knowing that your firearm will be returned better than ever and ready for whatever life throws your way.

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Learn More About Laser Stippling & Its Benefits

Check out the information below to learn more about the various modifications that can be made.

Magazine Release Scallop

Depending on the size of one’s hands the Gen 1-3 Glocks can be difficult to release the magazines on. This mod removes material away from the magazine release allowing for easier access to the magazine release which means less shifting of your grip on the frame.

Double Undercut

This modification combines the single trigger guard undercut with an additional undercut for the support hand. The firing hand undercut allows for a higher grip which improves recoil control, and it also contours and smoothes out the trigger guard to eliminate discomfort know as Glock knuckle. The support hand undercut allows for a higher grip, an index point, and provides the support hand something to brace against and prevents the hand from slipping past the trigger guard.

Glove Bevel

This modification recesses an area behind the trigger and also opens up the inside of the trigger guard. This is helpful for shooters who have gloves or short fingers. By removing material away from the trigger, it allows for easier access to the trigger face.

Palm Swell

This is an incredibly comfortable mod. It keeps the hand high into the tang to help optimize your grip for recoil control while simultaneously straightening out the grip.

Thumb Ledges / Ramped Index Point

The flat thumb index point provides a texturing for the thumbs to rest on and can be used to help mitigate recoil.

Accelerator / Gas Pedal Cut

The ramped thumb index point provides a polished recess and angled ledge for the thumbs to rest on. This modification can help mitigate recoil.

Backstrap Blend

This mod takes a factory backstrap/beaver tail from the Gen 4-5 Glock and permanently melds and affixes it to the frame seamlessly. This provides an enlarged beavertail/backstrap for those with larger hands.

Full Tang Stippling

Normally, stippling is stopped so the web of the thumb does not make contact. However, with full tang stippling, stippling is brought up almost to the top of the tang. This is not a popular option for many, but it is one some do like.

Grip Hump Reduction

One of the biggest complaints heard from people is that the Glock’s grip hump is uncomfortable and causes people to aim upward. This be can be reduced by reducing the hump and straightening out the grip. This modification helps increase the comfort of the grip for some and can also help prevents the upward shift in aim some people experience. *PLEASE NOTE* You cannot use mag wells on your Glock after this modification is done. If you run a magazine well on your Glock then opt out of this modification.