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Full Auto Drilling Jigs

Aegis Cerakote’s, patent pending, full auto drilling fixture eliminates all human error associated with every other jig that’s currently on the market.

3 Round Burst Kits

3 Round Burst Kit and trigger components for your AR-10 or AR-15 NFA builds.

Still Available but not for long - Geissele Super Duty Receiver Set in OD Green (ODG)

Geissele is no longer manufacturing OD Green! Get your Geissele Super Duty Receiver Set in ODG NOW before they are completely sold out!

NOW IN STOCK - Geissele Super Duty Stripped Lower Receiver, 5.56 Luna Black

Currently not available from Geissele. Aegis Cerakote & Gunworks has Geissele Super Duty Stripped lower Receivers, 5.56 in Luna Black in Stock!

Gift Cards Available

Get your Aegis Cerakote and Gunworks Gift Card NOW! Great gift for firearm and cerakote enthusiasts!