Get Started

We are excited you chose Aegis Cerakote & Gunworks to create your dream, your vision! Below are the steps required to ensure a smooth & hassle free experience.

Step 1:

Complete the Cerakote Project Form. Be sure to include a detailed list of all parts you are sending us! The firearm must be completely stripped – every pin, spring and screw must be disassembled. If not listed on the inventory we cannot be held responsible for it. Aegis Cerakote & Gunworks does not perform disassembly of firearms for Cerakote Coating Services. Firearms must be shipped completely disassembled.

Step 2:

Please let us know what Cerakote Colors you would like your project to be. Precise details are required so we can ensure your project is exactly how you visualize it. Reference photos are encouraged to be included!

Step 3:

Follow our How to Ship directions to ensure a hassle free experience! Aegis Cerakote & Gunworks is not responsible for items damaged during shipping.