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AR-15/M4/M16 Replacement Disconnector Spring

$2.55 $7.35

This Aegis Cerakote & Gunworks replacement disconnector spring is fully compatible with any mil-spec AR-15


Manufactured to precise tolerances, these high quality, replacement springs help keep your AR-15 functioning properly. Great for emergency spares or for assembling a parts rifle.

Made in America.


Application: M16/AR-15/M4

Caliber: .223 / 5.56 / 300BLK / 7.62

Finish: Uncoated

***NOTE: This part can be legally sold to retail consumers, dealers or manufacturers and are meant to be used as replacement parts for registered receiver weapons and post sample builds only. All NFA Rules Apply and Aegis Cerakote & Gunworks, LLC will not be held liable for any illegal use or misuse of this product nor will we provide any legal advice as to your city, county, or state regulations on possession of this product. ALL NFA RULES APPLY – This part will not convert your AR15 Semi-automatic to full auto function and attempting to do so without the proper license is a violation of Federal law!***

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