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Full Auto Ambidextrous Safety Selector Switch


Operate your AR-15, M16, or M4 selector from the right or left side of your firearm. This ambidextrous safety selector switch will work for full auto and 3 round burst weapons.


This ambidextrous safety selector lever is precision manufactured from high-grade steel to correct mil-spec dimensions. This professional-grade, no non-sense, duty grade full auto safety selector is the perfect upgrade to your AR-15/M4/M16 Machine-gun and is able to accommodate left or right-handed shooters.

  • Hardened steel
  • Manganese Phosphate
  • For Use on Full Auto rifles only
  • Fits AR-15 / M16 and AR-308 rifles that use M16 selector
  • Mil-Spec
  • 100% MADE IN USA

***NOTE: This Full Auto Ambidextrous Safety Selector Switch can be legally sold to retail consumers, dealers or manufacturers and are meant to be used as replacement parts for registered receiver weapons and post sample builds only. All NFA Rules Apply and Aegis Cerakote & Gunworks, LLC will not be held liable for any illegal use or misuse of this product nor will we provide any legal advice as to your city, county, or state regulations on possession of this product. ALL NFA RULES APPLY – This safety selector switch will not convert your AR15 Semi-automatic to full auto function and attempting to do so without the proper license is a violation of Federal law!***