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BSL Arm Brace – Mil-Spec


Improved stability for large-format pistols
The Magpul BSL is an AR arm brace designed to improve the single-handed employment of large-format pistols.

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The BSL utilizes Magpul design and engineering to offer a stabilizing accessory with a robust feature set and trusted Magpul quality.

With classic Magpul aesthetics, the BSL is compatible with Mil-Spec carbine receiver extensions and employs a simplified, durable, and easy to use adjustment mechanism. An integrated QD cup and two M-LOK compatible slots provide ambidextrous sling mounting options and enable stabilizing sling tension to be applied, drastically increasing single-handed control of the firearm. With a straight-forward design and Magpul innovation, the BSL is a simple solution to improving your AR pistol.

All ATF, NFA, state and local rules and laws apply, where applicable.

Made in the USA.


  • Designed and intended for use as a stabilizing accessory for one-handed firing
  • M-LOK compatible slots for additional sling mounting options
  • Ambidextrous rear QD cup allows sling tension to be applied while firing with one hand to improve stability
  • Toolless, single-handed adjustment


  • High-strength polymer and metal construction

Technical Specifications

Platform: AR15, M4

Compatibility: Mil-Spec sized carbine receiver extension equipped AR Pistols. Not compatible with proprietary, pistol, or commercial-spec receiver extensions. All ATF, NFA, state and local rules and laws apply, where applicable

Legal Disclaimer: This product is designed and intended to be employed for lawful uses in accordance with all applicable laws and must be assembled into a legal configuration.

ATF has ruled that attaching stabilizing braces with certain features will not make a firearm NFA controlled. This product conforms to this ATF precedent. As of December 10, 2019, ATF is no longer issuing classification letters for firearm accessories, including stabilizing braces.

This product is designed and intended to serve only as a forearm brace for one-handed firing of a pistol. It is not intended to be fired from the shoulder. Any redesign or reconfiguration of this product may render the attached firearm NFA controlled. The user is exclusively responsible for determining the correct application of state and federal law based on the unique configuration of each firearm.

All ATF, NFA, state and local rules and laws apply, where applicable.

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