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M-LOK Rail Covers, Type 2 Half Slot


Half slot, low-profile covers for aluminum M-LOK hand guards

M-LOK Type 2 Half Slot Rail Covers are low-profile, two-piece covers that install directly onto most full and half size M-LOK aluminum hand guards (not compatible with polymer hand guards).

Designed to work in conjunction with full size M-LOK Type 2 Rail Covers, Half Slot Rail Covers can be used to fill extra space left by full size Covers and other accessories⁠—allowing for more customization and coverage of your hand guard. M-LOK Type 2 Half Slot Rail Covers are non-orientation specific, which allows the user to mount them in any direction desired without affecting function.

The M-LOK Type 2 Half Slot Rail Covers features beveled contours to minimize potential snagging, our TSP texture for additional grip, and protruding just 1/8″ from the mounting surface to maintain its low-profile.

Includes six panels, each covering half an M-LOK slot. Not compatible with Magpul MOE® M-LOK, MOE SL® and SGA® forends, and may not be compatible with free-float handguards that have a wider and flatter profile; they will not seat deep enough to allow the center portion to lock in.

Made in the USA.

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