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Magpul Pro FHA – Folding Hinge Adapter


Folding Hinge Adapter for your Pro 700

The Magpul Pro FHA – Folding Hinge Adapter is a folding solution for those who purchased a fixed stock Magpul Pro 700, but later prefer to add a folding butt-stock feature to it.

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The folding hinge components are constructed of steel with a Melonite finish for an extremely rugged and durable surface. The folding hinge interface is designed to ensure a positive lock and removes any potential for hinge movement, even after numerous cycles and under the heaviest of recoil. The hinge push-button is serrated to ensure proper purchase during activation and is recessed into the hinge body to mitigate accidental actuation. The rigid spring and hardened detent ensure the folding component is captured securely when folded. The large dovetails provide a rigid mounting interface between the stock and chassis body to ensure a solid union of both and removes any play between the two parts for a consistent and repeatable foundation paramount to the demands of a precision shooter.
Made in the USA.

Technical Specifications

Platform: RemingtonĀ® 700

Length: 2.16 in

Height, max: 1.28 in

Weight: 10.85 oz

Width, max: 1.06 in body and 1.55 in at hinge pin