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Spare Hardware Kit – AFG, AFG-2, MBUS, RLM


You can never have enough spare parts

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The Spare Hardware Kit for the Magpul AFG & MBUS is a US-made installation hardware replacement pack designed for use with the Magpul polymer MBUS Sights (MAG247 & MAG248), AFG (MAG411) and AFG-2 (MAG414) Angled Fore Grips, and the Rail Light Mount (MAG498).

The mounting screw features a dual drive head which gives the user the option to use either a 1/8” hex key or flat edge screwdriver for installation. A machined shoulder on the screws serves as an over-torque stop, which helps mitigate damage to the accessory and the rail platform it is being installed on. A reusable anti-vibration patch applied to the threads helps prevent loosening.

Included in the hardware kit is an installation hex nut and a front sight elevation adjustment tool which is compatible with the MBUS Front Sight.

Technical Specifications

Compatibility: MAG247 & MAG248 MBUS Front and Rear Sights, MAG411 AFG, MAG414 AFG-2, and MAG498 Rail Light Mount, Left or Right

NOTE:  Due to their more compact nature and integrally adjustable sight post, this kit is not compatible with MBUS Pro Sights.

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