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Spare Hardware Kit – Magpul AK Stocks


You can never have enough spare parts!

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The Spare Hardware Kit for Magpul AK stocks is a US-made installation hardware replacement pack designed for use with the MOE® AK Stock (MAG616) and ZHUKOV-S® Stock (MAG585).

Made of alloy steel with a Mil-Spec manganese phosphate finish, the hardware set is supplied with two custom button-head cap screws as well as two weld nuts, which are the components necessary for the proper installation of the our AK and ZHUKOV-S stocks. A self-locking, reusable thread patch is added to the screws to ensure a secure fit upon installation.

Technical Specifications

Platform: AK / AKM

Compatibility: MAG616 MOE AK Stock and MAG585 ZHUKOV-S Stock

NOTE: Will not fit the MAG552 ZHUKOV-S Stock – Yugo as the Zastava M70 pattern rifles use a different trunnion design

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