Cerakote FX takes custom to another level.

Cerakote FX is an additive that is specifically designed and tested to be mixed with H-Series Clears (H-300 and H-301), and sprayed over a Cerakote solid tone base coat. This creates a new sheen and look that is anywhere from mild to wild, depending on the combination used.

Cerakote FX materials were sourced specifically for their high performance attributes including: corrosion and weather resistance, scratch, gouge and impact resistance, as well as bond-ability within the Cerakote system. In other words, they meet the stringent criteria to wear the Cerakote brand name.

The customization possibilities are endless – unleash your creativity!

Cerakote FX Samples

The color guide is a representation of the available colors, but are not always the actual color, as screens, lighting conditions, etc may vary.  The solid color samples are directly from Cerakote’s website.