Chameleon & Metallic Colors

GunCandy Chameleon and Metallic Colors are powdered pigments added to Cerakote H-301 Armor Clear and are applied on top of a Cerakote base color. This provides a vivid spectrum of colors and metallic flake, not available through Cerakote’s product line alone. 

The use of GunCandy colors do not negatively affect the chemical or mechanical adhesion of Cerakote’s performance in any way. We have extensively tested our load volumes to ensure we maximize color, without altering the durability of the clear. When applied correctly, Cerakote will suffer zero loss in performance. 

There are currently 51 different GunCandy color options to choose from allowing you to mix and match with amazing results. Check out the official GunCandy website for all their color pigment options that we have in-stock.