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6 Top Modifications You Can Make to Your Handgun or Rifle

With 74% of firearm owners in the United States stating that gun ownership is “essential” to their feeling of “personal freedom,” then why not make modifications to make a gun truly your own? With laser stippling, you can get functional features to any rifle or handgun. This means better grip and comfort for the individual user. Check out these 6 modifications you can make to your handgun or rifle. And yes, here at Aegis Cerakote, we do offer laser stippling services, if you want to personalize your firearm. 

1. Grip Hump Reduction

Our clients often tell us that the Glock’s grip hump is uncomfortable and causes them to aim upward. We hear this a lot, and we get it. To fix this, we reduce the hump and straighten out the grip. By doing this, you will have a more comfortable grip. This will allow your aim to be better and not tilt upward. But please be aware that you cannot use wells on your Glock after this modification, so if you run a magazine well on your Glock, don’t choose this modification.

2. Double Undercut

With this mod, you get a combination of the single trigger guard undercut with an additional undercut for the support hand. This gives you a higher grip and better recoil control. As well, it helps smooth out the trigger guard. This means no Glock knuckle.  For those not aware, Glock knuckle is the discomfort or calluses between the knuckles on your middle finger when it rubs under the trigger-guard. With the double undercut modification, you achieve a higher grip. This allows the support hand something to brace against, and your hand won’t slip past the trigger guard.

3. Glove Bevel

With the glove bevel, it recesses an area behind the trigger and gives you better access to the trigger face. It opens up the inside of the trigger guard and is incredibly accommodating when you wear gloves. If you have short fingers, this is a good modification for you. 

4. Palm Swell

With the palm swell, your hand is maintained high into the tang. It straightens out your grip and provides you with recoil control. This modification is all about your comfort. 

5. Thumb Ledges

Need to rest your thumbs? This modification offers a texturing for the thumbs to rest on. It also can aid in mitigating recoil.

6. Full Tang Stippling

This is not our most popular mod, but some folks want and appreciate it. While stippling is typically stopped in order that the web of thumb doesn’t make contact, with this modification the stippling goes nearly to the top of the tang. 

These are just 6 of the top modifications you can make to your firearm. At Aegis Cerakote, we offer even more. Through grip hump reduction, undercuts, glove bevels, palm swells, thumb ledges, and stippling, you can get a firearm that is perfect for you. Why not make an investment in you and your comfort?