The Science Behind Cerakote Finishes: Unveiling How They Protect Your Gun

From 2019-2021, 5.4 million Americans purchased guns for the first time, according to a national survey. That’s a big uptick, which means firearm durability is important. When it comes to firearm protection, Cerakote finishes have revolutionized the industry with their durability and resilience. Understanding the technical aspects of how Cerakote works to protect your gun is essential. Let’s delve into the science behind Cerakote finishes and discover why they have become the go-to solution for preserving and safeguarding firearms.

What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a thin film ceramic coating renowned for its exceptional protective qualities. It consists of a blend of ceramic particles in a polymer matrix that forms a bond with the surface of the firearm. The application process involves a combination of advanced techniques, including spraying, curing, and post-curing.

How does Cerakote protect your gun?

Cerakote Provides Heat Resistance

One of the most significant advantages of a Cerakote finish is its impressive heat resistance. Firearms often generate high temperatures during rapid-fire or prolonged shooting sessions, leading to potential wear and damage on their surfaces. Cerakote coatings are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 1800°F, ensuring your gun remains protected even during intense shooting scenarios.

Cerakote Has Corrosion Protection

Firearms are vulnerable to corrosion due to exposure to moisture, sweat, and other environmental elements. Cerakote provides an exceptional barrier against corrosion, preventing rust from taking hold on the metal surfaces of the gun. This is especially beneficial for firearms used in humid or maritime environments, where moisture-related damage is more common.

Cerakote Has Impact and Scratch Resistance

Cerakote finish boasts remarkable impact and scratch resistance, safeguarding your firearm’s appearance and functionality. The ceramic particles in the coating create a hard surface that can endure abrasion and incidental impacts, preserving the aesthetics of your gun for extended periods.

Cerakote Offers UV Stability

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause fading and degradation of traditional firearm finishes. Cerakote’s advanced formula includes UV stabilizers, making it highly resistant to UV-induced fading and preserving the vibrant color of your gun for years to come.

Cerakote Is Composed of Thin Coating and Tight Tolerances

Cerakote is incredibly thin, typically measuring just a few micrometers in thickness. This thin coating ensures that your firearm’s tolerances remain tight, meaning critical components such as the slide and action still operate smoothly without experiencing any performance issues.

With its ceramic-polymer composite composition, a Cerakote finish creates a robust shield against heat, corrosion, impacts, and scratches. It also offers exceptional chemical resistance and UV stability. With its thin and precise application, Cerakote protects firearms without compromising their mechanical functionality. Remember that while Cerakote finish enhances the durability and resilience of your gun, responsible firearm maintenance and care remain crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Always consult a professional for the proper application of Cerakote and adhere to safety guidelines when handling firearms. For any questions you have about your firearm or a Cerakote finish, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quote.